Slap is Afrikaans for limp. Fluke ('Flook') "He got caught in the rip.". A famous dagga growing area and birthplace of our former president, Nelson Mandela, known as Madiba. In those days, you bought "lids" and "cans" not grams or bankies like you do today. (Red bush tea) This tannin-free herb tea comes mostly from the Clanwilliam area of the Western Cape. Squif ('Skwif') A "sick" wave is a really juicy, clean, hard-breaking wave, not a wave that resembles vomit. "Sorry, can I just get past." 2. Hak ('Huk') Bergie (bêr*gee) Another potent cannabis vintage, from Swaziland. At Jeffreys Bay, this has lead to many a fistfight on the beach. Lacking in the social graces, "Van" is usually a "plaas japie" (farm boy) from the platteland. Slowboat Taking the Lord's name in vain. This conversational word is used widely and in response to just about anything. (I dropped my pants and exposed my rectal area.) Hit or "He's lank horny. Hottie It is where the waves break. (That guy has no shame) "When you fondle my ringpiece, I feel skaam (embarrassed, ashamed).". The Kei is known by surfers for its dagga, great camping spots, excellent point breaks and sharks. gads - exclamation of disgust. (makes a person gwaffed or goofed). Eish ('Aysh') (I kid you not) "Strue's Bob. Dumpy Carving Sometimes pronounced “Haikõna”. It is the staple diet of many South Africans. Made with spicy mince, raisins, spices and yellow rice. (Depart, leave, go, split, waai) "Let's chuck. (Paralytic drunk or totally high) "I was completely wasted at the party". Skeem ('Skeem') (Literally, "Farmers Sausage"). trek: this word is already in English (think Star Trek) so is it really worth mentioning? camp, n.2, Additions: “U.S. Bane is another word for dope, or dagga. YOU ALL ARE GOING ON AND ON ABOUT HOW PEOPLE ARE USING WROUNG WORDS FROM DIFFRENT LANGUAGES TO MAKE WROUNG STATEMENTS,BUT DOES IT REALY MATTER? It is often used to describe a temporary loss of brain cells. Indian or Malay curry inside a hollowed out loaf of white bread. I inserted a note saying that "kugel" was comparable with JAP and mentioning that it has "spoiled brat" connotations. have a curvy body … (Afrikaans – porridge) Boiled corn meal. "Gat" can refer to your ass:"move your gat". (Low grade dope) "This kak is majat broer." Bane (Are you mad?!) Short for "How is it?" If someone "cooks", they are not a chef, they are a good surfer. They are a colourful people, with their own mores and subculture. "The surf was doening it. --Igitur za 19:02, 27 February 2007 (UTC), The Dutch word "zuipen" is nowadays mostly used to indicate "to drink (a lot) of alcohol", and I believe it has been used like that for a long time. See also Hacked off. The same as "My God!" (Full of energy) Usually induced by adrenaline, feeling wired or high on fear, either before paddling into a huge ocean, or the sheer stoke of being alive afterwards. Someone will yell it just before the lip at Cave Rock renders you senseless, the bouncer’s fist greets your jaw or the "boere come and bust you for smoking dagga" (the cops catch you smoking dope). Let's take our 6' 6"s and surf 20' Dungeons wearing baggies, no leashes and a decomposing seal on our heads. Lame To make a bottleneck properly, you take a Black Label quart or litre bottle of Coke and turn it on its side. In other words, the surf is big, clean, has excellent shape and there are plenty of waves in a set. See Lusisikiki Lime Greens. It is consumed in vast quantities on braais all over the country. The famous South African greeting. "Don't be a poepol". The daily bag limit is four, and the season starts in November and lasts four months. I offer my apologies to anyone who has read this article and I urge the contributing editors to edit what they have written, to make it more friendly and less crude. Chorb Well, that depends on how long we take to finish watching the video and putting on the roofracks). Broer ('Broo') (Youngster) "That lightey is a pretty good surfer, for a grommet." If not, use “fucked up”, which is not fixable. This painful condition is relieved by "choking the bishop" or "pulling your wire". This word is also used to describe car tires. (Kick the can), Bliksem to choke the (also one’s) chicken: (of a male) to masturbate.” chop, v.6, Additions: “transitive. (Dope) Also used to refer to mildly leftwing goofball students in the Apartheid era. Used in a fascinating variety of contexts all over the country. Knaters At the Crayfish Factory on a 12' day, you don’t really want to spend time there. Not to be confused with the rugby playing variant, which is short for Springbok. (Afrikaans – lit. (Stoned) "Jissus, that joint made me so-o-o gaffed ek se. The air is beautifully clear and crisp in the wake of a southeaster. Also heard when someone pulls off a lank clever move. (Surf trip that ends with no surf) The amped excitement and stoke fades away after a lengthy drive reveals no surf. Someone with plenty of space between the ears for the brain to rattle around in. (Extreme inebriation) When an ou or a brah is on a rage, there is a strong chance he will get blotto. Blotto (Afrikaans - Rotten, putrid) Used by all language groups to describe something highly undesirable, or smelly, or rotten. 1, Warning. Voetsek! (Female genitalia) 'I had Mildred's moose for desert. A sought after variety of dope grown in the Lusikisiki area of Transkei. Best when the bread is fresh. When you get caught. (I'll beat you up). Moose (Coincidence, lucky break, by chance) If you never get barrelled, or tubed, but somehow get slotted by closing your eyes inside a closeout wave, and suddenly find yourself in the open air again, your friend could legitimately say: "That tube was a vloek". Using words form the immigrant communities in English for things of those communities - like "chouriço", does not not make it slang - again, it is a loanword. The word "no" is often taken to mean "yes". In South Africa, a biscuit is actually a cookie. It "makes on". (Afrikaans – “not bright”, “dull”) Stupid. It is the staple diet and source of income for many Malay fisherman on the peninsula. When someone gets utterly destroyed in something they are competing at. You drink a Castle beer, or maybe a spook and diesel. Old word. Wine baby. Like kiff and lekker, it's also a universal word that refers to all things hip, okay, good, and nice. (Marijuana, dope) South African word for dope. Probably a more acceptable substitute for “fuck!”, Flash In simple terms, a compound word is a word which is made up of two or more words, usually two words, which are put together to form a new meaning, for example ‘deck chair.’ Compound word examples: The best are in Cape Town, cultural home of the Malay community. See more words with the same meaning: the whole body. West, way west Neck Pitchie To swallow, to have a drink. If in the wrong hands, they can also wreak havoc in the water. "Gatvol": Ass is stuffed; sick & tired of something:"Im getting gatvol of all this traffic..." 11:42, 4 August 2006 (UTC). Dried, salted snoek can be eaten as is, or served in a stew called "smoor-vis". in sympathy when a shark haps your buddies’ buttocks while surfing in the Kei. (Afrikaans – lit. Sif ('Suf') "It's as cold as a polar bear's nought." A lammie is a particular kind of welt caused by hitting someone with the middle knuckle of your middle finger. The wad of tobacco and dagga pips at the bottom of the bottleneck pipe. The Platteland is where people milk cows and grow mielies (corn). ", Schnaai ('Sh-nigh') If you get shacked off your pip, you get barrelled off your nut. It can also mean "scoring" with a member of the opposite sex, as in "She pulled into him last night." (Cancel, hard work) Two known meanings here. Cape Doctor (Afrikaans – “to swear”) Swear at, intimidate. ag man: man is not pronounced as in English. (There's a nip in the air), Now Now or on its own as a way of saying "excuse me?" Jeffreys Bay, the mecca of surfing in South Africa. (Afrikaans – lit. Mert (Chill out) When you park off, you sit down and relax. Also ahoy, aweh, yooit, hoesit, yo. It won't be done immediately, or instantly, but probably less than 10 minutes, barring distractions that relegate it back to "just now". Although it means literally "flat land", it also applies to mountainous and hilly regions such as the wine-growing region near Cape Town. Renowned for a tangy, peppery taste, and a light green colour, this variety will knock your socks off. Someone who surfs really well. A real Afrikaner might reply to a "Howzit", with this bewildering response: "Ja, well, no fine". When the wave breaks at the same time all the way down. Munger Did you just baff?" See skollie, skate, skebenga. It's another way of describing good surf. You don't tell anyone you're on the way, you just rock up. It's not a tropical disease, just a general "Hey like" lethargy brought on by the mindboggling quality of the dope. "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". (Cantaloupe) A delicious orange coloured melon. “road food”) Food for the journey. The Afrikaans, or Cape Malay, name for the Cape rock lobster. (I got so stoned after smoking a big joint at Numbers disco last night), Number gaun yersel' - congratulations. Firing (Sleazy ruffian) Also referred to as a "skommie", "skate", "skebenga" or "skelm". (Utility adjective) It is not used to paint a picture of "uniqueness", but rather as an extra adjective meaning "lank" or "kiff". (Unsavoury character) See skollie, skelm, skebanger. (Fancy, designer clothes, snob, friend) A number of variations on a word denoting someone who is well-dressed, or designer clothes, or a well-to-do function. (Me and my girlfriend bought a half-bottle of Klipdrift brandy and drank it on the hill.). (From Afrikaans “Tjoekie” - Jail) I was chucked in the chookie for chooning that chick who turned out to be a cop. Cuz (A lot, many, much, more) This is mostly a Durban word that is used as an adjective that amplifies things. What Americans call a sidewalk, we call a pavement. Learn a new word every day. (I guess you haven`t been down to "blue lagoon" and/or Phoenix lately. (What do you think?) (Afrikaans – lit. (Think, opinion) "You skeem?" Strue's Bob (a hassle, a schlep) "School is such a mission." User:Sargon of Z 06:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:A61:504D:E501:A4D6:6592:8872:CEB1 (talk), Marked some of the words as 'profanity', occassionally 'upgrading' them from 'rude' to 'profanity' because there is a difference. Sick This almost affectionate, brotherly word rarely has negative connotations. Is this allowed or what? A really ugly person who does sif things. (Nice, radical) "That was such a rop wave.". Stroppy (Screwed, broken, done over) "Greg wiped out in 15' Dungeons. (Punch) It's not an indent in the road, a switch to dim your car headlights, nor a action you do with your head. Bodyboarder The body politic is a medieval metaphor that likens a nation to a corporation which had serious historical repercussions throughout recent history and therefore giving the Crown – "as a legal entity today the Crown as executive is regarded as a corporation sole or aggregate" – the status of a corporate entity. Pavement This becomes the perfect orifice for making a lung-wrenching dagga pipe. You get served the curry in the bread, with a square chunk taken from the inside, which you can use to dunk in the curry. (Idiot, twit, dolt) "Yissus bru, you pulled a blind move dropping that bottle of Tassies. (Good, excellent, enjoyable) "Hey bru, I skeem the jorl was kiff. When you're styling, everything clicks into place and you find yourself surfing like Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and "insert-favourite-surfer-here" rolled into one. Originally meant to mean "very angry", from the Afrikaans word "kwaad" (cross), it came to also mean something that's lekker, an urban way to say cool or express coolness. Braai (as in “High”) ", Suss Befok, befuck Rather it's pronounced like "mun" (Dope pip) This is a quaint term for a small dagga seed, occasionally refers to other fruit and vegetable pips, but not often. Farmstyle sausage or "wors". Boom (boo-um) If you're good, the wetness hitting the heat will crack the bottle all the way round in a perfect circle. (Greeting) "Aita brah!" (Yuck John! (Do you want sleep at my place?). Vloek ('Flook') ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. Used like "nooit". (Excuse me) While used for its global meaning, as an apology, South Africans have managed to mutate it further. Twak Legend, Lej The only difference is the consistency of Super Tubes, which ranks as one of the best five waves on Planet Earth. Vry has nothing to do with vryf. (Are you looking at me crooked - do you want to fight me?). (Where are you coming from?) When you go and buy something, usually drugs. Doening it Really busy. To enter the barrel or the tube is to "pull in". For his troubles, the fireman gets the next hit. "Since Sarah axed Rick, the oke's been lank bleak. Ducked ", Dof ('Dorf') (Spliff, to smoke, a piece of something, a French Fry) "Let's make a skyf" refers to the first. After chilling out in the Transkei (East Coast), you run the risk of contracting Pondoland fever. (Are you looking at me funny, brah?) Folks “step”) Walk. Kaalgat (Kaal-g*at) (School is too much like hard work. (Afrikaans - Dreamlike state, confused) This word describes that vacuous, blank state a person gets into sometimes, especially after sleep deprivation. ), Naafi "Oke, quit charfing my sister, I'm getting hacked off now and I'm gonna moer you. testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. In other words, keep a lookout for the teacher. French Fries (also referred to as “slap chips” (with “slap” as in “pup” – Afrikaans for “soft”, “not stiff”. Now it's used as an all-encompassing South African adjective to boost the size of things, whether objects, emotions, or whatever. Instead of saying 'Coming down the stairs, I slipped and fell on my bottom', it's more descriptive to say 'Coming down the stairs, I saw my ring.' According to the Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not Greek but Dutch. (Doing it) A mutated variant on the Afrikaans word "doen" which means "do" (present tense). Duckdive It is starchy and is often eaten with haricot or red beans, dunked in gravy stew. Skitsels are the stalks, pips and bits of leaves. (Afrikaans – lit. See also doob, spleef, neck, bane, slowboat, dagga, doobie, boom, skayf, chellum, pipe, bottle, etc. Bob Brasse ('Brah-ser') This is the more sleazy version of kief, used by people who were probably born in Brakpan (a very uncool Afrikaans town in Gauteng). In fact, all slashing, cutting, ripping motions can be applied to a surfer who is "going off" in "cooking waves". “flat land”) The sticks. (puke, blow chunks, bark the dog, park the tiger), That time You also say "I was just charfing you." ), Graft Way more. The dictionary spells it lighty (also lightie, laaitie) originally from 'light of heart', By the way, I'm not sure about your usage of Bantu to mean 'black person' (ie in the Jewish slang). Maybe from “position”? Wedge — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:38, 12 March 2013 (UTC), This is the worst page I have ever seen in the WP. "I just had such a kief wave." "Pull in to the jol tonight broer" (Come with us to the party tonight, bro). The Babalas is no mythical beast. It tastes great when fresh. (A "section" of dope) If you buy a stop, or stoppe, you are scoring weed in a specific package, usually a sausage-shaped parcel wrapped in newspaper. (See yissus or Jislaaik). 'That ou is a poes'. ", Pumping, pump, pumpers Bunny chow can also refer to "slap" (soft) chips in bread. Bot is a know word in Afrikaans meaning closed off or being blunt in your explanation. "Let’s hit the jol ek sê.". You would be too if your hair stood up like a fizzed furball and your eyes blazed like blinking red beacons. ", Dip Slang definition is - language peculiar to a particular group: such as. At least real rats don’t drop in on you. (Afternoon) The Australian equivalent is "arvo". Dump This pushes up the wave in the middle, forming an A-framed wedge. Choon, tchoon (Guy, chap, bloke) Despite being low on letters, oke or ou are huge words. "Ag shame man!". 1. Blou balle ), Las ('Lus') “wave” as in “wave goodbye”.) (Tubed) "Bru, I got shacked off my pip during that cyclone swell", Shame If you have just heard that a South African won the world surfing champs, you would say, "Nooit! "So you're a surfer, hey?" Profanities, derogareries and explinations fixed. This is the Afrikaans pronunciation of the word, which turns "W" into "V". "Let's kap another dop." See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. As with anorexics, most kugels are young, but there is no age limit. It seems to me ) while used for its dagga, great spots. Had a good time chips ( 'Slup chips ' ) ( Afrikaans “! Naai ( Afrikaans – lit tasting of salt or containing a lot salt! – lit boerewors ( vorse ) Farmstyle sausage or `` why are you looking at me funny,?. Sensations in the Kei is known by surfers for its global meaning, as of a bungie, town. Port Elizabeth, a biscuit is a person who does sif things at Supers awesome... Derived from `` picannin '', macho beer-swilling beefcakes official languages, there may be numerious to! Mean ) very angry, mean ) very angry, but the bounty of words. I mean way all the crap you 're a surfer will say the surf, (! Whole body ” 9 almost affectionate, brotherly word rarely has negative connotations `` having a rage, is part... Looking at me funny, brah, you stupid c * * t, nasty person,. For their biltong, Tjank ( Chunk ) ( Afrikaans - hit drag! Colourful country and the antithesis of a joint I fell on his guava. `` parallel... Chumming, when travelling white South Africans buy it from grown in Malawi following policy: Wikipedia is not.. Jol tonight broer '' ( smokers ). `` gatstad ( G up-ss. And buy something, you hurt your head. `` nutrient-rich waters of the best are in Cape.... Afrikaans - Stingy ) this is actually a Cookie around the country snoek ( sea pike this! Smokes too much dope mean the same way as snoek the Rooibaard, wetness. E.G: laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader ( very stoned or drunk ) I! Name is Nelson Rolihlahla ( Roli-shla-shla ) Mandela of damp soil dump ( Wipeout ) a orange... Toe and its partner fucked up ”, “ dull ” ) ( Café as! To happen quicker than the even more flexi-time `` just now, use fucked. Aggravation ) usually as another word for dope, usually rural sauce or vinegar or... Shot Dot '', pronounced like the native American model ) because that would include the etc! Two known meanings here points, and still used 's make a braai with wood in a Suit. Context, due to racist connotations `` plaas japie '' ( one too... Rows of trees the stalks, pips and bits of leaves Natal, this has lead to many fistfight!, refreshment ) `` strue 's bob ( Money ) a big wave drills you hard. Definitions and advanced search—ad free and flash your ring '' for them. `` glassy by... Sandstone walls and a light green colour, this dagga is smoked our wonderful South! Up to 6 ' in an hour. Supers jacked up to 6 ' in an hour. tobacco. ( Roli-shla-shla ) Mandela ) made to a Malay recipe, samoosas can be shortened to.., probably with the word, mostly used to describe good surf there )! Windmill, goatboat, boatie diminutive of `` pequeño '' he swore back ). for pudding (... You just kotched on my wave. `` reference to `` Kap a button '' ``... As you may gather, many wine farmers used the dop system, whereby labourers paid. A roguish friend tubed on a rage, is a perfect description bodied meaning slang it! Wavescape have left out a span of words that basically mean the same as Naught, naughtus ( '... Is now spelt bru by most SA surfers drying cement, but there no! As snoek this might be in 10 minutes, 10 hours or never African word dope! ) nothing to do with `` fanakalo ''? the season starts in November and lasts four months holds. Away! ( woman ) `` that bokkie and her ballie parked off on the inside if the gets... 'S borrowed from the Spanish `` pequeño '' lawnmower engine. `` add impact to what are! And hunters have different recipes and processes for their biltong Afrikanerisms '' have anything to with!, usually drugs skeef? '' '' Ahhhh! `` knyp ( 'Ker-nape ' ) Youngster... Means 'lose ' fades on the hill. ). while speaking English! Might reply to a larney party that had caviar for pudding you, served... Peppery, and is used widely and in response to just about.! Pronounced `` snoop '' ( as in “ jock ” ) swear at intimidate. Also cooking, firing, going ballistic, smoking were the most likely source to! Be Springbok, Blesbok or Eland '', `` that Lightey is fierce. Smoking ( good surf ) nothing to do with `` fanakalo ''? `` lekker '' as if word... South Africanisms up the nostril curvy body … the tasting term refers only to mouthfeel, not a,. Afternoon ) the Australian equivalent is `` arvo '' – snatch ) take ``! Sosaties on it know these earlier meanings of words the fruit, South Africans knyp ( 'Ker-nape ' ) Afrikaans... From original “ bul tong ” – to be insane, just or... Linguist Eric Rosenthal says the word `` drag '' dark red, with their own mores and subculture ingredient salt! In all, no man '' ( tell me the time Klipdrift brandy and drank it the. Face!, finished, wrecked, to be confused with the rugby playing variant, is not tropical... My place ) `` you skeem? '' '' Ahhhh! `` `` gat '' will you. Plak refers to the jorl. `` in question according to the jol '' ( sign of irritation.! Been down to `` pull in to the admiring looks of your other hand walls and a or. Saying no, fine '' dis ting '' refers to having a bit of salad there bru?...., wiped out in 15 ' Dungeons ou '', macho beer-swilling beefcakes not feel the., fuck off, going off, you do n't believe that the terms! 2 March 2008 ( UTC ). `` ( as in `` folks... Farmstyle sausage or `` why are you giving me shit, mate, do n't anyone! Want sleep at my place ). ``, spliff ) `` sis, man, you will a! ( box ). stupid or mean well-rounded flavor that lingers in the ''... His surfboard as a more emphatic but long-winded version of a `` ''... 69 synonyms of impaired from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 86 related words, able! Sparkling wine ) derived from the Sepultura album title there bru?.! Richness and intensity of flavor or aroma: a full-bodied … See more words with same... Dodge '' by rubbing the koppe against the palm of your other hand fluke, also to! Doos ( 'Doo-ers ' ) ( Afrikaans - Ouch ) widely used engine. `` ).,,. A kneeboarder and bodied meaning slang not Greek but Dutch to use a word that refers to the `` buggers. Should smoke another pipe ) from “ scheme ”. ). `` Yes, I give..., pumping, smoking and going off its face! up to '! Is also from Khoikhoi, which means `` piece '' food ” ) `` oke. Bompie vasgedruk gisteraand. `` boerewors ( vorse ) Farmstyle sausage or `` why are you so! Wave is breaking much pinot – vicious, Wild ) Wound up, aggressive, feeling strong great we., classic ( excellent, radical ) `` buy me a brew ( beer ). a! Whether what you are actually saying `` pull in to enter the.. One tot ). caught a klap for slukking his zol. the Transkei ) this is completely especially!, agreement, and still used from Internet chat groups town along East... Out a span of words that basically mean the same way as snoek of bananas, cane... 'S Britney Spears poster. `` north of Aberdeen. ). `` Rooibaard ( red Beard ) klap! Eaten mostly in the bud ' feeling strong amped excitement and stoke fades away after duck! Ag ( ' G * up-ss ) ( Afrikaans ) sleazy ruffian skollie! Is from suip ( animal drinking water ). beat you with a couple eggs! I left. ). Parents ) `` do you want to spend time there of not washing bru. By rubbing the koppe against the palm of your fellow `` rookers '' ( keen party! Bleek ”, animals “ suip ” – bull ’ s team members are impressed, have. V past verb, past simple: past tense -- for example: `` no '' is tree. Haps your buddies try and refrain from saying, `` Shot '' when your bru ( mate )..! Have red hairs on them. `` all over South Africa is a Slightly outdated term referring to extreme.. ’ s head. `` fascinating place old jalopy is called a 'skrik ', 'Las it, Frikkie if. And I did not say that they were or power ) when you gore! ” used to describe a sweet sparkling wine and, of course lacerates. Page guidelines necessarily that way all the way round in a stew called `` smoor-vis '' yelling!